Enabling women to make life-affirming choices
for themselves and their babies.

Free Pregnancy Tests

Sumter Pregnancy Center provides free laboratory-rated pregnancy tests with immediate results to our clients.

Client-based Web Site (www.pregnancyoptionssumter.com)

Women searching for help on-line about their unplanned pregnancy will be guided by search engines to our client-based web site. While the site provides educational information on pregnancy options, its primary purpose is to drive abortion-minded women to contact our center where they can hear about all options for their pregnancy, and become empowered to make life-affirming choices for themselves and their babies.

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Through the use of medically-accurate educational materials, clients become knowledgeable about all options for their pregnancy. By developing a relationship with each woman, we are able to compassionately share the truth in love about abortion, abortion risks, adoption and parenting. While we hope and pray that every client ultimately chooses life for her baby, Sumter Pregnancy Center does not use pictures of aborted fetuses to try to persuade women to forego abortion as an option. These tactics only shut down the communication process and further traumatize a woman who’s already struggling with her unplanned pregnancy. Our goal is for each woman to know that we are here for her – regardless of her choice – and that Sumter Pregnancy Center is a safe environment where she can share her fears and concerns free from judgment and condemnation.

Ultrasound Scans

At the discretion of Sumter Pregnancy Center staff, ultrasound scans are arranged free-of-charge through our partnership with Colonial Family Practice and our Medical Advisor, Dr. Chris Mahr. Research supports that 80% of abortion-minded women who have an ultrasound, and see that their baby is alive, choose life for that child, versus only 40% of abortion-minded women who receive only counseling.

Adoption Referrals

Clients who choose to place their child for adoption are served through our partnership with Bethany Christian Services. Bethany staff is committed to not only place children with loving, Christian families, but also to providing counseling and post-adoption help to birth mothers for as long as they need such support.

Abstinence Education

One out of every ten Sumter Pregnancy Center clients who receives abstinence education recommits herself to a lifestyle of abstaining from sexual activity until marriage.

Abortion Recovery Assistance

Forty-four percent of women in America will have one or more abortions in their lifetime. Studies show that at least 25% of these women will suffer from the physical, emotional, and/or psychological side effects of Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS). Our “Forgiven and Set Free” post-abortion counseling for women is designed to help post-abortive women recognize that they can lead whole and effective lives by facing their abortion, asking for God’s forgiveness, and grieving the loss of their child.

Spiritual Support

Sharing the Gospel with our clients is a priority at Sumter Pregnancy Center. Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy need more than ever to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. More than ten percent of our clients make first-time decisions for Christ, while many others rededicate themselves to walking closer to God. Clients who wish to learn more about developing their spiritual commitment, and who are not currently attending a local church, are also provided with referrals to churches in the Sumter area.

Parenting Classes

Our “Earn While You Learn” parenting class curriculum covers subjects ranging from fetal development through the basic care a child needs during its first year. The eight-week course is co-taught by teams of teacher-educators and registered nurses, and is enhanced by guest lecturers with expertise on specific subject areas. The incentivized course helps students learn to take responsibility by holding them accountable for attending the majority of classes. Attendance is rewarded by providing moms with items they “earn” for their babies. Each mom also completes a “wish list” of items she needs for her baby at the beginning of each course. A baby shower is held for moms who graduate.

Material Assistance

Lack of financial support is the number one reason that women cite for choosing to have an abortion. Through the generosity of Sumter Pregnancy Center supporters who donate material goods to the center, we provide our moms with maternity clothes and essential infant items. Infant clothing, bottles, strollers, diapers, cribs, wipes, high chairs, bibs, books, and receiving blankets are just a few of the items we provide to our expectant mothers.

Client Care Follow-Up

Quality client follow up is essential to the client relationship. Use of the latest database management technology enables Sumter Pregnancy Center to keep track of years of data on each client within a secure electronic environment. This information allows peer counselors to remain current about each client’s life situation as it changes, to quickly assess a client’s needs, and determine how best we might serve them. Our Baby Birth Coordinator tracks each expectant mother through her due date, calling each mother periodically to learn of prayer concerns and other needs. We celebrate the birth of each new baby with a Welcome Baby Visit, complete with pictures of the newborn and a personalized baby gift.

"I was unprepared for becoming a mother. The vital information I learned in Sumter Pregnancy Center’s parenting class gave me the confidence I needed. I can’t thank Sumter Pregnancy Center enough for the prayer support, encouragement, parenting skills, and baby shower gifts I received for my son. "

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