Enabling women to make life-affirming choices
for themselves and their babies.


Without the faithful service from a host of volunteers, Sumter Pregnancy Center would truly minister to no one. It is through the willing hands and hearts of volunteers that our clients are served.

Volunteers counsel our clients and teach our parenting classes; they answer the pregnancy center phone, run out for supplies, and keep our bathrooms clean; volunteers sort and organize our maternity clothes and baby closet; they host baby showers for our parenting class graduates and repair our computers. In short, volunteers are the backbone of this ministry.

The goal of Sumter Pregnancy Center is to reach and help as many as possible of the over 1,000 women every year who face an unplanned pregnancy in Sumter, Lee and Clarendon Counties. Every man and woman who volunteers their time for Sumter Pregnancy Center helps us to achieve this goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a volunteer?
Volunteers who want to work in the center – either as a peer counselor or as an office worker – need to take the first step and complete a Sumter Pregnancy Center Volunteer Application. It may seem like the application asks for a lot of personal information. The reason for this is that some of our clients are under 18 years of age. The nature of the needs of our clients requires us to conduct ourselves with the highest ethical integrity, with an emphasis on the need for confidentiality. This includes making certain our volunteers are mature Christians who have passed a criminal background check.
2. What else do I need to do if I want to counsel or have direct contact with clients?
Peer counselors and office workers who have contact with clients either in the pregnancy center or by answering calls on our Hotline need to complete our volunteer training seminar. Contact the pregnancy center for dates and times of the next scheduled training seminar.
3. Do I need to complete a volunteer application if I want to volunteer for a fundraising event or other non-counseling or non-office worker role?
No. The full volunteer application is only required for volunteers who have contact with center clients.
4. Does the pregnancy center share the Gospel?
Absolutely! Sharing the hope of our salvation is a vital part of our mission and our ministry. Our volunteer training, “Serving with Care and Integrity,” teaches faith-sharing techniques to enable peer counselors to share the Gospel with clients who are open to knowing more about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ready to Volunteer?

Open the list of Volunteer Opportunities. If God is calling you to work with clients and/or client and donor information, print out and complete the Volunteer Application and accompanying documents.

Need more information about a volunteer opportunity? Just contact the center and we'll be glad to speak with you and help get you plugged in where God is calling you to serve!

Contact Us

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Sumter Pregnancy Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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