There are many factors in abortion safety, and every woman’s health history is unique. As with any medical procedure or prescription drug, it’s essential to consider the risks and side effects before proceeding.

Certain situations can make an online or at-home abortion unsafe. These could include ordering drugs online from an unregulated pharmacy, receiving them from a foreign country, proceeding illegally without medical oversight, and taking them without an ultrasound and STD testing.

Beware of Unregulated Pharmacies

The internet can resemble the Wild West in terms of safety. Many websites and overseas companies look legitimate and advertise abortion pills online, but their drug type, quality, or dosage might not match their ads.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend buying mifepristone (one of the abortion pill drugs) online because it could bypass necessary safeguards designed to protect women’s health. The FDA cannot ensure the safety, effectiveness, or quality of drugs from overseas or through unregulated pharmacies.

Following Laws Impacts Safety

Taking the abortion pill illegally is unsafe because you will lack proper medical screenings and oversight. Talking with a health professional about your health history first is critical.

Do you have a bleeding disorder or an IUD currently in place? Could the abortion drugs interact with any of your current medications? These questions can help prevent unintended issues.

Additionally, when taking the abortion pill, having a follow-up appointment with a provider can ensure you don’t have an incomplete abortion, meaning there’s still tissue left behind in your uterus. This can lead to a serious infection, a more significant risk without medical supervision.

Ultrasounds and STD Testing

While it could feel like there are a lot of to-dos before an abortion, it’s critical to receive an ultrasound and STD testing. Proceeding without these can lead to greater risks.

An ultrasound can detect ectopic pregnancy, when the embryo implants outside the uterus and begins to develop and grow. Because it’s outside the uterus, the abortion pill will not be effective, and the pregnancy will likely progress. This can be dangerous as other parts of your body, such as a fallopian tube, cannot support a pregnancy.

Additionally, an ultrasound tells you how long you’ve been pregnant, which is an essential factor in medical abortion safety. At the time of writing, the FDA has only approved the abortion pill through the first 70 days of pregnancy.

STD testing will determine the presence of STDs and enable you to receive treatment before proceeding with an abortion. Without proper treatment, there’s a greater chance of spreading the STD deeper into the reproductive system, raising the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Safety First

Your health is one of the greatest things you have. Taking care of it does require extra steps, but we encourage you to look out for yourself.

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